What are competitions at Eurocubes?

The tournaments at Eurocubes offer you the opportunity to participate online in an online competition/tournament from the comfort of your home. Tournaments of this kind take place every 2 to 4 weeks on our website. For the finals of the tournaments are also organized livestreams on our twitch channel.

What is there to win?

All first places in the final can win a 15% Eurocubes voucher (if a person has reached the first place more than once, there will not be multiple vouchers)! In addition, one lucky winner will be drawn among each participant (no matter from which round), who can win a 10% Eurocubes voucher. Have fun and compete with other participants. If you would like to contribute a small part to support the organization of the tournaments, you are also welcome to donate something HERE .

What are the rules?

As the competition is not official, we rely on your fairness to submit accurate results. You should try to follow the rules of the WCA to give everyone equal conditions. In addition, for all finalists, that the solutions must be filmed so that when the podium is reached, the validity can be checked.