You can already solve the Rubik's Cube and want to get faster?

Maybe you're one of those who have been solving the cube for a while and now decide you want to get faster. You're still at 40 seconds to one minute and you're not getting any better? Then you've come to the right place and you'll start making progress in no time! You will notice that the right thought-provoking impulses and tips will be enough to become recognizably better and to raise your skills to a new level, which can be seen!

Who guides you through the workshops?

> Nicos Ahlgrimm

> Passionate speedcuber with over 4 years experience

> Gründer von Eurocubes

> Advanced knowledge around the Rubik's Cube

> Many years of practical experience

> "With me, you will not only learn to solve the cube, but to understand it better!"

> my official best times at competitions:

Nicos Ahlgrimm | World Cube Association

> ... another hobby is table tennis

What can you expect in our workshops?

> Extensive and interactive

> 2 hours live workshop about theories, field reports, algorithms, analysis and much more exciting!

> Direct exchange with me and other seminar participants

> downloadable algorithms and video examples will be available forever after the workshop

> Livesolving solutions, as well as important and necessary hints and tricks that will improve you rapidly!

> Subsequent access and contacts to platforms and people who can support you comprehensively 😀

Next appointments

"What can I do after that?"

Compared to before, you will have built up extensive knowledge about the process of "getting better", as well as new thinking and training impulses that will help you very well in the short and long term! You will know exactly how you can improve and what possibilities there are to achieve continuous success and build a stable foundation.

*more detailed descriptions of the seminars can be found in the description of the respective products*.

"What are the requirements and what do I need to join"

> You should know how to solve the cube and at best already achieve times of 40 seconds to one minute consistently

> Internet (preferably a computer or tablet)

> Rubik's cube to play with (if you don't have one yet, we recommend dieses tolle Einsteigerprodukt)

> Motivation and anticipation are mandatory ;D

Drop me a line or let's talk on the phone: