"Solve the cube, EVERYONE CAN!"
Do you also think that you belong to those who just can't get it together to solve more than one side? Well, that's exactly what happened to all of us who didn't delve deeper into the Rubik's Cube, including ME. No natural talent or higher mathematical knowledge is required. Everyone who has persuaded you so far, unfortunately, has no idea about the subject himself. You want to know now surely, how it goes or understand the principles behind it, which are fundamentally necessary to get a Rubik's cube and much more solved! For whatever reason or motivation, you are HERE exactly right!
Who guides you through the workshops?
> Nicos Ahlgrimm

> Passionate speedcuber with over 4 years experience

> Gründer von Eurocubes

> Advanced knowledge around the Rubik's Cube

> Many years of practical experience

> "With me, you will not only learn to solve the cube, but to understand it better!"

> ... another hobby is table tennis

"I'm not smart enough to do that."
Don't tell yourself that you are not smart enough and don't have the skills to solve the Rubik's Cube. Motivation and will are the only words necessary to see results at the end of the day. It's really not as difficult as everyone thinks, if you just want to do it yourself and really feel like it! Together and with many other participants, we will solve all the problems and tricks that will help you and that you will need so that the cube can be "assembled" by YOU without much thinking. Secure your place at our online seminars in a pleasant atmosphere, which will help you even beyond!
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"What can I do after that?"
After our seminar you will have understood how the Rubik's Cube works, how you can solve it on your own, what the story behind it is and of course how many people you can impress with such "skills". Your fellow men will not be able to get out of the amazement after you have demonstrated your new skills! Maybe you are currently also someone who simply does not understand how you can solve such a thing at all and who is also impressed himself! Then you are definitely right here and only a few steps away from solving another mystery of life. If there are still open questions about the seminar or you are not sure if it is something for you, then write us an email and ask all the questions that are on your heart, because we will answer you as soon as possible!

*more detailed descriptions of the seminars can be found in the description of the respective products*.

"What are the requirements and what do I need to join"
> much desire and motivation

> Internet (preferably a computer or tablet)

> Rubik's cube to play with (if you don't have one yet, we recommend this great starter product)

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